JSTEAM Hub is an international consortium of Jewish schools committed to the integration of STEM disciplines with Judaic Studies, empowering students to incorporate their Jewish knowledge and values with the emerging technologies and sciences that drive society.  It is an innovative program created by JETS Israel to address a phenomenon that challenges many Jewish schools – a growing emphasis on 21st century STEAM disciplines at the expense of Jewish learning and identity.

Montreal’s Jewish schools are charter members of the JSTEAM Hub, and have access to the following resources:

  • Lesson Bank: a continually growing bank of professionally created online JSTEM units with multiple curricular entry points,
  • Professional Development Portal: On-Demand PD programs related to JSTEM implementation,
  • Networking Portal: a platform for professional sharing among educators around the world,

With the support and guidance of BJEC’s Educational Technology Consultant, Keren Ludvig, JSTEAM Hub helps promote cross-curricular conversations within and among the schools. As well, it helps deepen student learning and engagement in Judaic Studies and STEAM classrooms.

 For more information, contact Keren at Keren.Ludvig@bjec.org.