Regional Chidon Hatanach


Grades 5-6 Division

First Place           Shmuel Kaufman, Hebrew Academy

Second Place     Hanna Calderon, Azrieli Talmud Torah                

Third Place         Eliana Zolov, Hebrew Academy

Grades 7-8 Division

First Place           Leila Silbiger, Hebrew Academy

Second Place      Jonah Warshawsky, Independent Student

Third Place         Yair Bouhadana, Hebrew Academy

Grades 9-11 Division

First Place          Yanek Widman, Azrieli Herzliah High School  

Second Place    David Amar, Hebrew Academy               

Third Place        Alexandra Cohen, Bialik High School

Chidon Hatanach

With over 300 participants each year, the Chidon Hatanach (Bible Contest) allows our students to increase their connection with the Jewish People, their love of the Land of Israel, their love of Tanach. Are you interested in participating? Click HERE to learn more!