Adult Education

The David Weissman Institute at the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre

Jewish Enlightenment: History and Responses

Classes take place at 1 Carre Cummings, 4th Floor, Room 406
DATE/TIME: Wednesdays, October 18 to November 22, 2017; 2:15 to 3:30 p.m.
TEACHER: Rabbi Avi Finegold


In the late 18th century, enlightenment ideas began to take hold in a number of Jewish thinkers. The resulting movement, known as the Haskalah, changed the way Jews related to Jewish thought until this day. Join us as we explore some of these thinkers as well as reactions to the Jewish enlightenment from the Chassidic and mitnagdic (non-chassidic) worlds.

We will examine thinkers such as Moses Mendelssohn and Tzvi Hirsh Wessely, as well as Rabbi Moses Sofer and the Mussar movement.

Biographical Notes – Rabbi Avi Finegold

Avi Finegold is a Montrealer who received his rabbinic ordination more than 10 years ago. Until 2013, he worked in adult Jewish education in Chicago, where he taught in the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School and was a guest lecturer at different congregations there.

When he returned to Montreal in 2012, he founded the Jewish Learning Lab – creating curriculum and educational plans for Jewish organizations. He is also creating programs specifically for adults, to assist the learner in progressing in their Jewish educational world.

Rabbi Avi Finegold is the founder and lead educator of the Jewish Learning Lab, an adult education institute in Montreal.

We are delighted that Rabbi Avi Finegold is returning as a lecturer at the David Weissman Institute.